Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece © Google Maps Вокруг Света За 80 Лет

This week Pegman takes us to Athens, Greece. You will find an abundance of both streetview and photo spheres at this location to inspire you. Grab your own view of Athens to use in your post or use the spot I landed on. This location was suggested by Georgie Moon. Be sure to check out his site and enjoy his writing and fabulous photography.

Anyone can contribute to Pegman, be it fiction, essay, or poetry–however the location inspires you. The only rule is 150 words or less.

Click on the blue frog below to add your story to this week’s link-up and to read the work of your co-contributors. If you have any suggestions where to send the little yellow guy, let us know.

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Have fun and do your best!


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  3. Lynn Love says:

    Reblogged this on Word Shamble and commented:
    A great writing prompt, using images from Google Streetview as a jumping off point. Such a lot of scope for your imagination to run riot. Come join in

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