What Pegman Saw: North Pole, Alaska

North Pole, Alaska © Google Maps

Ho Ho Ho! This week Pegman takes us to the town of North Pole, Alaska in the USA.

Though it appears Santa’s workshop is near, you’re not obligated to write a Christmas-themed story or poem. The spirit of Pegman is to write 150 words inspired by your own tour of the location. Wander around and chose your own screenshot, if you like.

Your 150 words may be poetry, fact, fiction, or any combination thereof! A small caveat: if you plan to use the photo provided in this post to write an aviation story, beware the power lines.

Once you’ve created your story, add it to the InLinkz using the button below. Sharing, reading, and commenting on other stories is part of the fun.

You can learn more about What Pegman Saw Here.

Have fun & be good. I have a feeling someone’s watching.

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