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Haibei, China

Today Pegman travels to Quinghain, Haibei in China. Though the Google Street View has yet to map the Middle Kingdom, there are plenty of photospheres to choose from.  Your mission is to explore until you find something that inspires you … Continue reading

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Xinhua, China

Today Pegman travels to Xinhua, China. China’s relationship with Pegman’s parents is tenuous at best, so photospheres are hard to come by and street views almost non-existant. That said, you can still find some lovely city- and landscapes hidden in … Continue reading


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Songxicun, China

This week Pegman is in the Jaingxi province of China. There are a few more photosheres available than the last time I went searching in this area. Hopefully you can find something that inspires you. I had trouble getting to … Continue reading

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Great Wall of China, China

This week Pegman goes to the Great Wall of China. Feel free to choose from photospheres you find anywhere along it’s length. This link will get you started, or you can venture off on your own. No need to stay … Continue reading

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