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Asución, Paraguay

Today Pegman travels to a famous capital city of South America, Asución. Now that more than 98% of the inhabited planet had been mapped by Google, there are new places for Pegman to go every week. Feel free to stroll … Continue reading

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Greenwood Avenue, Tusla

Today Pegman visits the corner of Tulsa’s Greenwood Avenue and Archer Street. The Greenwood district was a thriving African-American community with luxury shops, restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, jewelry and clothing stores, movie theaters, barbershops and salons, a library, pool halls, … Continue reading

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Today Pegman travels to the City of Bridges. A site of great historical importance in the French and Indian War of the 1750s, Fort Duquesne was built by the French at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers. The British … Continue reading

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The Biblical City of Lod

Today Pegman travels to Lod, Israel. The town takes its name from the biblical City of Lod, significant Judean town from the Maccabean Period to the early Christian period. Click on the photo above and feel free to wander around. … Continue reading

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Calling All Flash Fiction Ninjas

When I’m not hosting Pegman, working on my latest novel, or ubering my kids to all parts, I’m an editor over at We’re currently in search of good storytellers, and I know Pegman has them. If you’d like to … Continue reading

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Pegman is MIA

Even Pegman takes a vacation. He is resting deep beneath the ground where no light can penetrate, let alone wifi. He shall return next week.

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