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Brasila, Brazil

Today Pegman ventures to Brasilia, Brazil for a little bit of old-fashioned R&R. Your mission is to wander around the streets until you find something that inspires you to write up to 150 words, then share it with the other … Continue reading

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Taunoa, French Polynesia

Today Pegman flees the plague-infested lands for a tropical paradise thousands of sea-miles from any continent, Taunoa, French Polynesia. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to wander about this beautiful place and find something that inspires you … Continue reading

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Silver Bay, Minnesota

Today Pegman finds himself in the once-great forests of Minnesota in the American Midwest.  Your mission is to wander around using the google photosphere until something inspires you to write 150 words. When you’re satisfied, post your link to this … Continue reading

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Wadi ad-Dawasir, Saudi Arabia

Today Pegman hitches up his camel for a trip deep into the Saudi Arabian desert, an oasis known as Wadi ad-Dawasir. There is no street view, but more than a few photospheres. Feel free to wander until you find something … Continue reading

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Hadera, Israel

Today Pegman journeys to the port of Hadera, Israel. As always, walk around until you find something that inspires you to write up to 150 words, then share it with the other contributors. Remember that reading and commenting on the … Continue reading

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Vanautu, Solomon Islands

Today Pegman journeys to the far South Pacific to the island of Vanautu. While there is a dearth of street view or photo sphere imagery, the island and region have much history and many interesting stories. You mission is to … Continue reading

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Xinhua, China

Today Pegman travels to Xinhua, China. China’s relationship with Pegman’s parents is tenuous at best, so photospheres are hard to come by and street views almost non-existant. That said, you can still find some lovely city- and landscapes hidden in … Continue reading

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