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J Hardy Carroll is a novelist and comics artist currently residing in one of those soundalike states that starts and ends with a vowel .

Pegman is MIA

Even Pegman takes a vacation. He is resting deep beneath the ground where no light can penetrate, let alone wifi. He shall return next week. Advertisements

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What Pegman Saw: Tel Saki, Syria

This week, Pegman takes us to the cradle of civilization: Tel Saki, Syria.  The country has been at war longer than Pegman has been mapping, so the pictures are confined to photo sphere and often feature shattered lands and cityscapes. … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: Buckhorn Iowa

For our one-year anniversary of What Pegman Saw, we take you back to where we started: a ghost town in Iowa. Buckhorn hasn’t been a town since the 20s, but there’s still plenty to explore. As always, feel free to … Continue reading

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Córdoba Argentina

Today Pegman walks through  Córdoba, Argentina. Feel free to stroll around the area using the Google street view and grab any picture you choose to include in your post. Use it to inspire you however you like. We ask that … Continue reading

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Norfolk Island

Today Pegman takes us to the remote former penal colony Norfolk Island.  As always, feel free to use the location to inspire you in any way you wish. There’s no actual street view here, but there are photo sphere pictures … Continue reading

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Today Pegman ventures to the Balkans to spend some time in Bulgaria. Feel free to use the prompt to inspire you in any way you see fit, be it historical fiction, poetry, a personal narrative, fantasy or whatever you like. … Continue reading

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Since last week’s prompt was in a devastated part of West Virginia, we deserve a vacation. Today Pegman takes us the the lovely island of Mauritius, a gorgeous island in the Indian Ocean. As always, feel free to use the … Continue reading

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