San Ignacio de Velasco, Bolivia

San Ignacio de Velasco, © Google Maps

What’s going on in Bolivia, besides the fact that it looks vaguely like the street view driver just stumbled upon a murder scene? I leave to you to decide exactly what’s going on here.

You’ll find both street view and photo spheres to inspire you in Bolivia. Your only requirement is to keep your story-essay-poem at 150 words or less.

Once your piece is polished, please share it with other Pegman contributors at the Linkup below. Reading and commenting on others’ stories is part of the fun.

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The Pegman challenge is open to writers of all skill levels. Please consider joining this international group of globe-trotting writers!

If you have a suggestion for Pegman, let me know.


PS Apologies to the early birds who tried to find this post on Saturday morning. For some reason it wasn’t scheduled to go until later this morning. Sorry for the frustration!

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