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Harare, Zimbabwe

When I was little, I used to daydream I could buzz all over the world, hovering low enough over the landscape to see everything, but not so low I’d have to deal with the hassle of street lights and traffic. … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: Krakow, Poland

This week Pegman heads to the Mother Country, the Juliusz Słowacki Theatre in Krakow, Poland. The idea is to 150 words inspired by the location. What you write is up to you–fiction, essay, poetry. Keep to 150 words and you’re … Continue reading

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Garnet Mountain Fire Lookout, Big Sky, Montana

This week Pegman is back in the USA, at the Garnet Mountain Fire Lookout in Big Sky Montana. Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by the prompt. What you write is up to you–contributors post anything … Continue reading

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What Pegman Saw: Frankfurt, Germany

Hello friends! This week Pegman takes us to Frankfurt, Germany. Germany is unique among European countries in that there is very little streetview. Hover your Pegman over the map of Germany and you’ll see what I mean. I picked this … Continue reading

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This week Pegman takes us to Ethiopia. You are free to use the image supplied in this week’s prompt, or hunt for your own anywhere in Ethiopia–although be warned there aren’t many to chose from. Once you find suitable inspiration, … Continue reading


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