Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK

ships in port in portsmouth UK

HMS Warrior, Portsmouth, UK | Elliott Teed, Google Maps

This week Pegman takes us to Portsmouth in Hampshire, UK. This location was suggested by the talented Kelvin M Knight. Be sure to check out Kelvin’s blog where you’ll find articles, flash fiction and short stories. Also check out his author page on Amazon where you can pick up copies of his short story collections. Thanks for the great suggestion, Kelvin!

The Pegman challenge is simple. All you need to do is write up to 150 words inspired by the location–be it poetry, prose, or essay. You can use the exact location provided above, or take your own tour of Portsmouth using Google Maps. Once your piece is polished, share it with others at the linkup below. Reading and commenting is part of the fun!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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8 Responses to Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK

  1. What an amazing place you have visited this week, Karen!! Steeped in so much history. I hope this week’s challenge provides as with as many interesting stories as last week.


  2. Oh no… I am first!! I didn’t have one primed, honestly. 😀


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