Old Dongola, Sudan, Africa

Old Dongola: Citadel, Sudan, Africa | Jiří Chaloupka, Google Maps

Every week Pegman discovers new parts of the world that are revealed by Google Maps. This week Pegman takes us to Sudan, a part of the world that wasn’t available via the Google until recently.

Your mission is to write up to 150 words inspired by the prompt. You may use the image supplied with the prompt or find your own by zooming in on Sudan and selecting one of the many photospheres available.

Once your piece is polished, share it with others using the link up below. Reading and commenting is part of the fun!

You are invited to the Inlinkz link party!

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10 Responses to Old Dongola, Sudan, Africa

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  3. Hi Karen, I am going with all my fingers and toes crossed that I can join in today. I should be able to now the Rugby World Cup is out of the way. It (and a fair few charity events) have monopolised my time these last seven weekends – so, so sorry for not joining in. And so so glad to find you all still here after my sabatical!

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  4. Joy Pixley says:

    Greetings from World Fantasy Con in Los Angeles! What a great location you’ve picked. I’m bummed I won’t be able to join in. Having a lot of fun here and feeling very inspired!

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  5. k rawson says:

    How exciting! Have a blast. We will miss you. Great to hear from you.


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  7. What a fascinating prompt! I’ve left my little contribution with the linky thingy.
    Copied here just because: https://naamayehuda.com/2019/11/03/udurus-sudan/


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