Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca, Morrocco © Google Maps

First a big thank you to everyone who participated in last week’s prompt. It was great seeing familiar faces and meeting new writers. Hope this week’s location proves as inspiring.

This week Pegman wanders over to the ancient city of Casablanca, Morocco. Looks like this particular location was discovered by Google contributor Raiss Toufik.

I had trouble locating actual streetview in Casablanca, but if you visit the link and hover your Pegman over the map, you’ll find a number of photo spheres to inspire you. I even came across some of the interactive sort that allow you to tour a location.

The rules of the prompt are simple: write a story, 150 words or less. Will you be inspired by the past of a location? Some imagined current drama? Or will you take us to some dystopian futurescape? Your only limits are your imagination.

To enjoy stories inspired by the What Pegman Saw prompt or to submit your own 150-word story, visit the inLinkz button:

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For guidelines and rules for the What Pegman Saw weekly writing prompt, visit the home page.

Here’s looking at you, kid.


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