Littleton, West Virginia

Littleton, West Virginia © Google Maps

This week Pegman returns to the Western Hemisphere to take us on a tour of Littleton, West Virginia. I can’t help but wonder if the Google facial recognition algorithm took the four blurred items on the porch to be faces. And I hope they weren’t severed human heads. Okay, getting ahead of myself–it’s not quite Halloween yet.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to write a story inspired by the location, with a max word count of 150 words. Feel free to wander about the location and capture your own view of Littleton for your story.

To enjoy this week’s stories or to submit your own, visit the inLinkz button:

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For guidelines and rules for the What Pegman Saw weekly writing prompt, visit the home page.

If you’d like to suggest a location to Pegman, I’d love to hear from you. Right now still scouting locations for the rest of October!

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16 Responses to Littleton, West Virginia

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  2. I live in the next state over – Kentucky. This is a typical, economically depressed West Virginia town with very poor people. They decorate their porches with pottery.

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  10. Lynn Love says:

    After long associating West Virginia with the John Denver song ‘Take me Home Country Roads’, I’m now re educated to the area he once thought of as ‘almost heaven’. Tragic how the place has been devastated.

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    • k rawson says:

      It is so tragic. The country is among the prettiest I know, and the people I’ve met there open and humble. The place has a special spot in my heart and it’s heartbreaking to hear about this. Thanks for your comment.

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      • Lynn Love says:

        It’s such a tragedy and so widespread too. I didn’t realise that much of it originates from overprescribed pain medication that was then widely withdrawn, leaving a hole that could only be filled with illegal opiates. A policy that was not thought through properly, sadly

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