Today Pegman ventures to the Balkans to spend some time in Bulgaria. Feel free to use the prompt to inspire you in any way you see fit, be it historical fiction, poetry, a personal narrative, fantasy or whatever you like. The only requirement is to keep your post to 150 words or less as a gesture of respect for your readers.

Click on the blue frog below to add your story to this week’s link-up and to read the work of your co-contributors. If you have any suggestions where to send the little yellow guy, let us know.

Have fun and do your best!


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About J Hardy Carroll

J Hardy Carroll is a novelist and comics artist currently residing in one of those soundalike states that starts and ends with a vowel .
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9 Responses to Bulgaria

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  4. Jelli says:

    Oh, wow, what a beautiful chateau and canal the link takes you to. I could so go there today… in fact, my mind just might do that!

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