Middle Torch Key, Florida

Today Pegman travels to the Florida Keys at the bottom of the United States. Like the other Torch Keys, it was probably named for the native Torchwood tree.

Stroll and around and see if you can find something that interests you. When you’re done, write 150 words and link to the prompt using the frog below. Remember, reading and commenting is part of the fun!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy writing!

inlinkz frog


About J Hardy Carroll

J Hardy Carroll is a novelist and comics artist currently residing in one of those soundalike states that starts and ends with a vowel .
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10 Responses to Middle Torch Key, Florida

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  3. The Real Cie says:

    Team Netherworld used two prompts including this one to create a new chapter for our WIP, Jimmy Sundown.


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  9. Ah, the Keys!! 🙂
    Here’s my little contribution (also left with the foggy)


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